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23 December 2015

​Where Will You Shelter in a Cyclone?

​Where Will You Shelter in a Cyclone?

It is important to know and have planned in advance where you are going to be sheltering in the event that a tropical cyclone arrives and to ensure that you heed public warnings. A good survival plan for a tropical cyclone includes have a plan on where you and your family – inducing your pets - are going to shelter.

21 December 2015

​Are You Cyclone Ready?

​Are You Cyclone Ready?

It is that time of the year again, the wet kicks in, mango madness is in full force and wait for it….Cyclone Season arrives. The Northern Territory is naturally prone to experience between 2-3 cyclones tropical cyclone events affecting the area between 1 November and 30 April each year. Using the following make sure your rental property is well prepared for the Cyclone Season to ensure you get through it safe & sound!

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